Shawn Marincas

Solution Architect / Full-stack Developer


Skilled computer engineer with 20 years of experience in full stack web development and solution architecture. Passion for solving complex problems and building scalable, maintainable, and secure software and a history of delivering high quality solutions for clients and employers. Experience working with agencies and startups across a broad range of industries and business domains. Strong knowledge of general systems science and engineering, including data modeling, analysis, and machine learning.

Work Experience

Halo Media 2021 - 2023 New York City

Solutions Architect and Technical Lead
  • Architected and developed platform for managing legal contract templates and workflows for merging data to generate contracts using Angular, NestJS, MongoDB, and S3.
  • Designed and built system for managing legal template variables specifying global default values, and default values based on region, language, and line-of-business using Angular, NestJs, and MongoDB.
  • Architected Enhanced Document Service for managing documents, including legal contracts, which are readily converted to different formats and hashed for comparison.
  • Built a COVID Vaccine Site Locator for large multinational client in India using NestJS, AngularJS, and custom component library.
  • Designed centralized Authorization system for multiple workflow applications and Camunda orchestration system with Open Policy Agent.

Thinaire 2013 - 2020 New York City

Lead Architect and Developer
  • Architected and built a scalable platform for managing millions of IoT identifiers and hundreds of interaction rules for delivering customizable mobile user experiences in retail, entertainment, and grocery locations using AngularJS, ExpressJS, and MongoDB.
  • Built reporting dashboards to present data gathered by the IoT platform for clients to consume activity and engagement statistics using AngularJS, ExpressJS, and MongoDB.
  • Installed, integrated, and supported post-sale client IoT-based systems for enhancing customer experience in retail, entertainment, and food service locations.
  • Designed and implemented an automated photo and video kiosk capture and delivery system running NodeJS on raspberry pis with connected cameras QR code readers to boost mobile engagement for retail brands.
  • Architected and developed an IoT routing platform managing interactions between identifiers (BLE, NFC, QR) and user applications to power an Adidas NFC sneaker campaign and Detroit Pistons BLE stadium integration.
  • Designed and implemented an interactions data collection and business intelligence dashboard with AngularJS, NodeJS, and MongoDB, allowing deep data processing of in-store customer engagement patterns.
  • Designed and implemented mobile IoT provisioning applications using Ionic, allowing clients to configure and manage programmable NFC and BLE tags.

NinjaStack New York City 2012 - 2014

Chief Technology Officer
  • Co-founded a digital web development agency and manage a team of 5 developers, project managers, and administrators to engineer and deliver rapid-prototype web applications using Node and AngularJS.
  • Built and negotiated contracts, statements of work, and project plans; acquire and direct complex projects to transform business ideas into achievable plans for high-yield MVPs.
  • Built and managed CMS-based websites using Wordpress and Shopify, allowing small retail and service businesses to expand their marketing and sales operations online.

Newlio New York City 2011 - 2013

Lead Full Stack Developer
  • Lead a 4 person development team to design and develop a B2B web service with jQuery to allow businesses to build and embed surveys within their websites; an early competitor to SurveyMonkey.
  • Migrated an experimental LithiumPHP codebase to the more familiar CakePHP to leverage a larger developer community and hiring talent pool.


Stevens Institute of Technology Hoboken, NJ

Honors Graduate – Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering