Hexadecimal Diceware

This is a tool which allows you to implement physical passphrase generation using super-charged Diceware method that uses 4 hexadecimal digits (or non-ordinary 16-sided hexadecimal dice) to choose word from a list of 65,536 words.

Most dictionaries don't have that many words, I use a real word list as an input to Gibrish, a Markov chain word generator, which then generates a list of 65,536 real and fake words.

The word list is then used to generate a 32 page book containing all 65,536 words laid out for easy lookup given 4 hexadecimal digits. You can then generate a super-secure passphrase by rolling 4 hexadecimal dice and looking up the word in the book repeatedly until you have a passphrase of the desired length. Or, if you trust the pseudo-randomness of your machine, you can use the uuidgen utility to generate a random 32 character hexadecimal string which can be used to look up 8 words for a passphrase – which is the 128 bits of entropy recommended by some information security professionals.

More to come…